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All Artwork/Design and images are part of The Vault's Portfolio

The Vault offers effective and memorable print ads and print ad campaigns. To create effective advertising we like to have a clear understanding of what your business does. What is your target market, your competitive position, and what sets your business apart, including which are the key benefits of your product or service.

When advertising keep in mind that repetition is the golden rule. One time ads usually do not work. Advertising has a cumulative effect; it takes time to get results. An ad campaign is just one part of a larger marketing effort. To effectively promote your business and gain brand recognition, use an integrated approach that combines advertising with public relations, direct mail, special events, trade shows, newsletters, brochures, web site, and other marketing materials.

Yellow Pages adsNewspaper adsMagazines adsInternet adsBillboard ads

Newspaper ads are an inexpensive way to reach a mass audience. They're flexible and good for price advertising — promoting a sale or a special deal on your product or service.

Magazines ads offer a slightly better opportunity to catch a readers attention than newspapers do, but they typically cost more. Magazines are good for promoting your company's image and building its credibility. Trade magazines and general business publications are worthwhile for business-to-business advertising.

Yellow Pages advertising isn't cheap, but it delivers hot prospects — people who are ready to buy. It's a good choice for local and area-specific businesses.

Outdoor Advertising offers high visibility, and the cost per viewer is relatively low. It is recommended that outdoor ads (billboards and transit ads) are best used in conjunction with other forms of advertising.

TIP: Advertising shouldn't focus on features, but on benefits (what your product or service will do for the customer. Your audience wants to know what's in it for them).

All Artwork/Design and images are part of The Vault's Portfolio

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